I’m Terrance James. Your owner, producer & engineer at Tapp House Productions. I’ve been recording since the day I turned 15, back in 2003. All I had was a tape recorder and a beat machine. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to expose my music. As I was progressing as an artist, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the music industry, and learn what went behind making a hit record. So I went to college and attained my Bachelors Degree in Audio Engineering. There are a lot of key roles that make up the audio industry, I developed a passion for producing records and mixing. I’ve been doing a lot of freelancing and side projects over the years, and spent time investing in a studio of my own. Even though I am not complete in my journey, I am proud of what my studio has become.




Money's Not A Problem - Davon

F*ck It - Davon

Alien Perspective - Davon

Happy Face - Davon

Real With You - Davon

Gotta Way - Davon

How U Like It - Rae Khalil

Just Friends - Rae Khalil

None - Rae Khalil

Sucka Nigga - Rae Khalil

Nobody - Rae Khalil

Nasty - Rae Khalil

How Shit Go - P. DoubleOkay

All Damn Dae Dae - P. DoubleOkay

Showin' Nothing But Love - P. DoubleOkay

Allah - Justice Allah

The Man - Justice Allah

Away - Justice Allah

Can't Fade The Funk - Justice Allah

Get Up  - Justice Allah

New Wave - Justice Allah

Patience - Justice Allah

Atlanta - Justice Allah

War Ready - Justice Allah

Drunk Off Water - Justice Allah

Natural Disaster - OSIRIS8

Faze Out - OSIRIS8

Horizon - OSIRIS8

Proper - OSIRIS8

Absorbing - OSIRIS8

Poco Loco - OSIRIS8

Rashida - OSIRIS8

Crew - Nosaj Gray

Jiggy - Nosaj Gray

Loco- Nosaj Gray

Let Em All Fly - Ish

Switch Up - Ish

Solo - Young Taz

No Mo Hand-Outz  - Young Taz

Authentic - Romero Uno

Hall Of Fame - Romero Uno

Way Out - Romero Uno

Feelings - Britani Nicole


Feelings - Britani Neecole

Authentic - Romero Uno

Hall Of Fame - Romero Uno

Way Out - Romero Uno


Mac Book Pro

13" 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5

8 GB Ram 1867 MXz DDR3

Apple Cinema HD Display

23" Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB graphics

Allen & Heath QU-24

A Digital 24 channel Mono/Line input Daw Midi Controller

DBX 266xs

Dual Channel Compressor Limiter Gate

PreSonus TubePre V2

Single-channel Microphone and Instrument Preamplifier with Built-in Tube Tone Circuit


2 Yamaha HS7

2 M-Audio BX5


Axiom 25 USB MIDI Controller

AKAI MPD32 USB/MIDI Pad Controller


Rode NTK  (Valve 1 Condenser Microphone)

Rode NT2-A  (Multi Pattern Dual 1 Condenser Microphone)

Shure SM57  (Dynamic Microphone with Cardioid Pickup Pattern)

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